Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lots of work today ..

Today was a busy day for as.. we headed out to Red River to help get a family ready for winter , on the way we stopped at Ivonofka to order sand .  While there , we decided to pay a visit to the orphanage/ hospital  .  The director was thrilled to see us and asked if we could come up and say hi to the kids .. not many men stop buy .. so we made the rounds .. our young friend saw us and immediately started talking about when we took him to a restaurant a couple Christmases ago.  then he mad a phone just like Jengishes out of Lego .. Thanks Ohio team for the Lego donation .. 

Mike had been given a pocket full of suckers from Julie before he left home.  funny .. we did not know when we left the house we were coming here , but we had just the right amount for the kids to each get one . 

When we got to Auxana's house she was so happy to see us.  She is a lady that Sergey has been helping for years , and we have done some work for with teams in the past .  She is building a new home, and it was not looking like it would be done in time for Winter   ..the floors were still just dirt with tar paper on them .  She had no coal and the power line was to thin and she could not run a Hot plate on it .

Her son loved the little doll that was brought by the team from Brantford

And the vitamins from Dave and the Nprwood team

notice the two horses faces on the side of the wardrobe .. they were a craft left here by the team from Halifax ... thanks Halifax

Dave decided that we should also bring in the coal for the winter and get the electricity fixed ..

after a day of mixing cement and shoveling coal , mike is showing off his blisters

floor is done

a great day , lots done, and this little family knows that they will be warm this winter, but more then that .. someone cares .

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