Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last day for Dave .. and still working

Down to the final days this trip .. yet still so much more to do .    For Dave, this is his last day , and he is working to the end.   He leaves tonight , but today we had a few thing to take care of .    We brought medicine to the baby orphanage, Then went to the bazaar to get materials, then over to Aigoola's house to fix the fence.  We had just brought in the coal, and the fence blew down that night .. the old fence posts had rotted out... We can't leave it open or it would be an invitation to have the coal stolen.    It did not take long with everyone working .  

We had a little time yesterday so we were able to take Dave out to see the Buranna tower .  With the fresh snow that we have had, and the cooler days , the air is very clear, and it was a great day to take pictures .  

We are still looking for some more challengers for the pie challenge.  We have 14 now, and just need 26 more people to allow there name to stand.. really it's not hard..Allow your name to stand, then give your friends the link tot the blog starting on Nov 10 .. and they can donate on line .. when $500 is raised, ( enough for Christmas for 50 less fortunate )  you let some one through A PIE IN YOUR FACE  and send us the video to post here ..

A few years ago, Larisa brought Christmas to the families at the dump... she said it was " THE BEST CHRISTMAS SHE HAS EVER HAD "    take a moment and watch this video .. and while you do , think   " what was your best Christmas ever "  GO AHEAD....  TAKE THE CHALLENGE

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