Thursday, October 10, 2013


How  do I ever begin to describe the impact that this team has made over the last few days .  It has been amazing seeing them interact with those we know and work with here .  But How do I ever convey that in this short post .   

How do I describe how those living at the dump might feel when they open their care packages to find the best of the best .. Truffles, honey, condenced milk, caned fish , shampoo,   oil,  all the mixing for a celebration meal .. food items not chosen by the best deal but the best quality ... how do you describe that ....

 How do you describe how blessed the team was when they were the guests of Honor in the village .. when the kids had a holiday because the team was coming and the table was set down the center of the road so as to say ... what ever else you have planed today does not matter.. today we celebrate a visit from our friends ...

 How do you find a couple words to share how happy the men where to have the team come and sing for them and take the time to show them that they are special

 How could I possibly find the words to explain the total and utter joy the men felt as they made a life changing pass through the waters with our friend Ron ....unbelievable 

and how do I ever convay the emotions today when our new friend Victor went from this ...  
 in just three hours to this 

it's raining outside right now... but that does not mater to Victor.  for the first time in years , he has a warm dry bed ... How could it get better then that ... How

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Melissa L. said...

Aww. I loved the before and after picture of Victor. :) So sweet. You guys certainly are the hands and feet of Jesus in Kyrgyzstan! Love,