Sunday, April 08, 2012

up and down the river

Loading up the bus with clothes and Vitamins for the orphanage in KaraKol 

It was great to be back at it with the team... Jayne we missed you, 
Blair has been following along on the Blog for years, so it has been great for him to  come along and meet everyone in person.  He will be here for three months .

We brought the director a years supply of Vitamins for the 38 kids he has in his orphnage 

Vitamins from you, and Cloths from a group in Norway, all helped to make it a special day for the kids ... They knew what the vitamins were , and were so excited that they would be able to start taking them .

It's been great to have Joe along with us this trip.  He is such a great help, and the kids all love him 

Before we left, the kids put on a presentation for us 

Then we played some games with them ... here I am with the ones that I caught cheating..hahaha
Ruby led everyone in a fun song with actions..
The team from Bishkek including our friend Kola  came and had a concert for the kids as well

We then visited the new rehab centre that Jengish just opened , we could not believe all the potential.. here we are in the cow barn 

This was taken from the orchard behind the centre.
 Despite all the gifts, and the fun that we had, I think what will be the greatest impact LAMb will have here , began to take place on the 6 hour ride home.  The director drove back with us and had a chance to open up his heart and share the concerns he has for the kids and the staff, most who have worked there for 10 years now.  There are so many levels of training and counselling that he is looking for.  Working with traumatized kids is not easy, and when you don't have the necessary tools to properly help them, it can be heart breaking at times.  LAMb has the tools that he is looking for, and has the desire to help him implement them.

One again I am so thankful that we can be part of an organization that does not just drop and run, but is able to offer long term solutions ... up and down the river .. we will continue to reach out to the hurting , helpless and the lost.. Today was a great example of that.  

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