Monday, April 09, 2012

Beds ordered

This morning we started with a quick organizational meeting with Lynn & Ruby and Kim & Randy.  We have a busy week ahead of us..should be some good blogging.  At 10 am Blair and Sergey picked us up and we headed over to the Maternity Hospital to check out the bed situation.  We have a bit of a problem.. I guess it is a good problem, but as we are renovating and providing beds and food , word is getting out and this has become the hospital of choice.  We thought we needed about 15 beds there , but now need 30 and another 7 cribs .  Here is the old style crib... how would you like to put your newborn on that and go to sleep.  
They laughed and said that they belong in a museum 

here the Dr is showing off the new cribs that we got her last time .. if you look, you can also see the old beds that  they are getting rid of . 
Here she is showing us some of the new beds that we bought them last fall. 
We went to the furniture store here in Tokmok, and they agreed to make the furniture for us at the same price as the store in Bishkek.  That will save us a lot in delivery, so when we are all done, we may have enough to order a couple more beds.

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