Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seniors home , Mens home and garden planted at Dayspring.

The blogs are not working right now so this post is emailed to the blog, and you will have to figure out the photo's for your self   .. sorry about that.... 

The seniors were thrilled to see us .  Lots of new faces .. my heart was breaking as we met one new lady there , she has just had one foot and a bunch of toes removed from frost bite.. simply no need for this .... so hard to deal with.. but Kim and Julie were able to lift her spirits.  

Over at the mens home, they too were happy to see us.  The intently asked how every one was and how our winter was.  I shared about one young man they know and some of the medical isues he has been having, and they got his picture off the wall and began to pray for him.. What a thing to have these men praying for us.. One of the men says that He spends his life on his knees.. it must be for a good reason, so he prays for people. 

Over at Dayspring, we got a good start on the garden.  We have to wait a few weeks to plant the tomatoes, still a little early.  We did get a big patch of everberry strawberries planted.. The kids are going to love that.  But I think the best part was just spending time with them as everyone pitched in to plant the garden . 

The cribs were ready as well for the hospital.  We will have to pick them up tomorrow .
Kim and Randy brought thre seniors meat.. something that they don't get much of.
The living room is getting a make over .. every one is doing their part
Bubba Anya still loves her scarf.. but still thinks it would be better if it was another colour .
victom of winter 
Julie thaught this Babushka would be a good one for Emma to paint
Kim brought a smile to her face 
meat for the mens home as well
Happy to see us 
visiting with the men 
thinking about you M__
Getting a little overwhelmed as he shared how his life has changed.

Cave man  and his new best friend Joe.
every one lends a hand ...or two 

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