Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Landed safe and sound .. all bags accounted for .

lots of bags or Vitamins made the journey with us .
We were able to bring  300 lbs of Vitamins this trip 

 We got in early, and we were the first ones in the visa line, then slipped through customs with no difficulties .  We stopped in Bishkek and picked up Emma and Bekah and there things.  Jengish came to meet us, and Christy made us breakfast for our trip home. 

  By noon, we were unpacked mostly, and we did a big grocery shop.   Then we met with Sergey and Blair, then off to Dayspring 

eight little girls taught me how to play soccer.

Papa gives a heart a hug.

We landed with a blank schedule , but already are booked until Monday.  Stay tuned we will be posting every day

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear the Wrights are in their game, Blessings :)