Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hope for Kyrgyzstan

 A couple weeks ago, we were approached in the market by a lady that was heading to Moscow for a couple years .  She asked us if we would consider renting her apartment  from her .  At the moment we did not think much about it , but agreed to go and see it.  This was the first time here that we had not been looking for an extra apartment.   As we started to think about it , and the number of times we have teams , and guests here, it really was not a bad idea.. What was even better , is that it works out that if we only have some one there one or two days a month we will be ahead of the game. As well, it will give us a place to use as an office .    

Bed room in the new guest apartment 

Guest living room 
 The apartment also has  a full kitchen with a fridge and a full bathroom with a sit down flush toilet, and running hot water.   All things that our guests will appreciate.  

This morning we made up the bed and stocked the fridge, and the first guests will arrive in a few hours. They are a part of the LAMb team coming from Barrie Ontario for a couple weeks.  So if you want to come for a visit , you just may find yourself staying here .

This afternoon, we made a trip out to Orlofka to visit Vera and Oleg at the rehab centre. 

Vera was quick to tell us how well Jenya was doing .  Jenya is a man from the centre that had taken ill a couple months ago.  They contacted us to tell me that he needed an operation right away.  Fortunately just the day before, I had a donation from someone that said that it could be used where ever needed, and that I would know where to use it.. then hours later the request came in for the same amount.  

Jenya doing well

Jenya was glad to see us, and wanted to say thank you to all our sponsors 
He showed us around the rehab centre , and all the renovations they have been doing 

this is the women's centre 

One of the women there was making lunch 

this is Jenya's rooom

I was checking out the Rabbits.  They also have chickens , and a cow 

Jenya shared how after almost a year of sobriety now, he would like to go to collage and then be a councillor at the centre ... he shared that he wished he had found this new life when he was a lot younger, but at 56, it is as good a time as any to start over.. He has made the first big step!

Next stop was to visit Maksat and his new family.  It was such an honour for us to meet them.
They have 7 older kids , all doing very well, all with good jobs inn Bishkek.  Dr's , police, teachers, and even a customs officer at the airport..hummmmm..  They are now alone, and they still have much to give.  Maksat is just so happy.

Maksat with his new Mom and Dad 

Today was one of those days that we travelled around and saw HOPE.. it was so wonderful ... What a blessing to be a part of so many awesome things that are happening here.

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