Thursday, April 12, 2012

And ALL Rejoiced

greeting old friends 

We had a chance to speak with the lady that Vlady and his wife are helping at the dump.   Kim and Randy agreed to
cover the cost of the operation until the funds could be raised and transferred from America.   Little did they know that while we were visiting her, a donor came forward to help her 

Everyone got a bag of flour and about a dozen apples 

probably one of the most fun times we have spent at the dump happened when Lynn and Ruby got out their
Yukalalies .  Ruby has had 4 lessons and Lynn has had three... so Ruby got to lead, and Lynn would join in once we past the cord of G...( he has not had that lesson yet ).. but it sure did not matter to every one there .. we had a great time 

it was a great visit 

the kids at the village were waiting for me with flowers.  Kids are often a little slow to warm up to me, but not these kids
As they say there .. that we are part of the family...

spring planting was in full swing, and it was such a blessing to see another example of the LIFE that this water has brought to the village.  Earlier in the day we were in the Bazaar in Tokmok, and the Iskra  Mayor was there and saw us.. He came right over and welcomed us, and shared that he heard we would be in town today, and was so sorry that he would not be able to make it to the party, but would make a point of getting together with us soon..then again thanked us for the water ...

One of my friends at the village was celebrating his birthday.   As a special treat his wife had made him KVAS... and he was honoured to share it with me... GULP... so Sergei took one for the team... He then reminded me that I was going to go fishing with him in the mountains this time.. not sure what happened, but next Saturday, we are taking the whole village on a fishing trip... time for the big bus...

The kids love Joe.. this one was showing him the water 

the next part of the day was a true blessing for us.  We went to the home of three young girls that we support through a generous sponsor.  We have not had time in the past to get to know them that well, so it was a treat to stop and have tea.  

we heard all about work and school, .. what they like to do with their time.  We also got a tour of their garden.  they have it ready to plant.  Saturday they will come to our apartment, then we will take them to the bazaar to get seeds and plants for the garden, then they will come back for supper with us..  I told them that I had a letter for them from their sponsor and that they could write back if the wanted... they were so excited about that. 

they are such wonderful kids.. please pray that God would continue to watch out over them.

when we got home we packed gift bags for the men in one of the prisons that we went to today 

this is a common thing at this apartment , but it was nice to have Joe and Blair here to help out .
Today Julie and Emma had meetings and a nice visit with Acel and the girls and Bekah had to study for her University entrance exam, and Altynai had school.  So Joe and I joined Lynn, Dave, Randy, Sergey, and Blair. We went to the Men's prison just north of Bishkek.   It was great to meet up with the worker that visits them regularly.. She was so happy to see us and was again thankful to all of you who supported the Pie Challenge.  She was able to have a special day for all the kids left with out parents because they were in Jail. .  Today we met with about 38 guys.  They were so happy to have us come see them ..and we were pleased to be there .

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