Saturday, April 14, 2012

A special Day

I have a few minutes while supper is cooking .. the house smells good, and the sound of girls chatting at the table , laughing and playing cards... the way life should be.   For two of these girls, this is even more of a treat.  They are recently orphaned, and  if not for the help of the LAMb workers here, and and a sponsor in the US, life would be a hole lot more difficult for them. 

Today we took them shopping for seeds and plants for their garden 

After we bought the seeds,  we had a special treat for them.
their sponsor arranged for them to have $10 each to buy anything that they wanted at the bazaar.    
Their sister was not feeling well today, so they did a little shopping for her too. Now they are back with us at the apartment for super. 
   actually right now they are reading a letter from their sponsor with Emma . 
  Words can not really express how special this is for them to know that they are not alone.. that there is someone out there that truly loves them, even though they have never met...yet..

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