Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Surgery needed

I don't know how many of you remember this lady.  She is one of the people that Vlady and his wife Dr Tatyana have been helping.

"I met at dump woman with breast carcinoma, She is need a surgery. She worked before in Orlovka dump may be there she got radiashion she take care about 1 and half son She is living alone nobody help her she doesn't has pasport. Maybe we can help I bought food for her and need  find sponsor who'll give donation for surgery."Blessings. LOVE. Vlady
She has not forgotten about us.. She is still waiting for an operation for her breast cancer.  The cost of the operation will be $300, as well we will need to find a home for her baby while she is in the hospital.   We are on our way out to the village in a couple hours, and hopefully I will have a chance to see her.. I really look forward to when we have a sponsor for her and can get her the care she needs .


Lori said...

John, my mother died 9 years ago today of breast cancer. I cannot think of this poor little baby being motherless. At least I was 30.

Please tell me where to make the donation and we will sponsor her surgery in my mother's memory.

Julie and John Wright said...

Lori, you continue to be such a blessing to the people here in Kyrgyzstan. The best way for this operation would be to use the pay pal button on the lamb blog www.lambinternational.blogspot.com
thank you again ,
Blessings John