Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Update from Emma

Last month when Lynn and Ruby were in Kg , the helped Emma deliver over 100 bags of rice.  They shared some stories of thanks giving that were very humbling.  At this time of year when we have so much, they were sharing stories of how this rice will help people survive the winter.  I remember one girls account of how she was studying at University in hopes that one day she would be able to afford to eat rice every day...

This week, our team has been doing some follow up visits to many of those homes.  Emma shared how difficult it was.  She said that many of the homes had absolutely  NO FOOD  , apart from a bag of rice.

How important that food drop was, and it just shows how desperate life is for so many.   Then today we had another example of this .  A young boy we know from the dump arrived at Larisa's door. He had walked about a mile to find her, and was almost freezing to death.. it is currently -21 in KG.   As he came through her front gate, he reached his end and collapsed.    He was carried into the house and warmed up, then they got him a good meal and he started to come around..

It just breaks my heart that we have not come up with a better solution for this young fellow yet .. I remember the first time that I met him .  I was at the dump a few years ago with Jengish and got a chance to hear a bit of his story.  Here he is bellow the first time we met.

Along with the rice, we also had 40 tons of coal delivered around the valley.  We have set up emergency drop spots like Larisa's home .  They are places that families in need can come to get some coal .  In this photo you can see one older couple come for help.   They are all so thankful to all of you who sponsored coal for them.  A special shout out to the folks in Espanola who led the coal fundraising this fall.  

Larisa's daughter Tanya continues to go out to the mens home to teach.  I can't get over the difference here .. what a blessing to be part of something like this .  We are looking forward to having a new years party with them next week .  Through the donations of some other special people, we will have a special gift for them .

We are going to be delivering new socks, underwear, track suit and slippers to all 270 men .   On top of that , we have the men from the rehab center will be coming as well and putting on a concert for them.

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Karen D said...

This update makes me so happy. Look at what can be done with hope!