Saturday, December 24, 2011

twas the night before Christmas... and the house is upside down

Sergey and Anya vistit Orphanage with youth from Tokmok 
Sergey and Anya have been busy.  Not only preparing for the team and the Hundreds of gifts that they are warping, but they managed to fit in a trip to a local orphanage.   This orphanage is one that is used to treat children from other orphanages.  If they have medical or behavioral issues, they often end up here for "assessment and treatment."   
I was so pleased to see some of the youth from Tokmok joining them on this trip.  It is so important for the kids to have that connection.  Take a look at this photo below.  look at the expression on this young boys face... for him it is not about a gift or treats or even the entertainment .. it was the contact,.... that's what this is all about ... 

Back on the home front, we are in the middle of packing .. the kitchen looks like a transfer station.. vitamins everywhere .   Our friend should be arriving back from Quebec any time now. He and his son  drove 375 lbs of Vitamins there for us, so the other half of the team leaving from Montreal will have Vitamins as well. 
   It looks like this trip we will be able to bring about 650 lbs of vitamins  to get the program started.  We will continue to look for other ways to continue shipping more . 

  This morning at about 4:30 am we had an exciting call .  It was Turat.  He was at Eds in Kiev for a few hours.  We were able to bring him home to Tokmok  for Christmas this year.  I can't express enough how great it will be to see him again and hear about all his adventures in Ukraine over the last year .   He will be home for 2 weeks, then will be flying back with us On the 8th.  

We also spoke with Emma and Altynai. they are doing well..  One of our sponsors sent a Christmas bonus for all our workers , and Emma was thrilled to be able to use hers to get Princess dresses for all the girls at Dayspring, as well as to make a small stalking for each of them.  

Well I better get back to packing .  Merry Christmas to all .

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