Sunday, December 11, 2011

Life is not so scary any more !

We had a great weekend in NY at the Littlejohns. They are such a wonderful couple, like many of the waiting KG 65, we seem to have developed a connection that has gone beyond the stalled adoptions... We are so thankful for the friendships that have developed. Not just in NY but all over the U.S. These friendships were evident this weekend, Not only did many greetings come in the form of Text messages from several of the Kyrgy65, but two families even traveled considerable distance to be there as well and bring greetings in person.

The night was a traditional Kyrgyz meal, served at ground level, about 70 people in total shared a relaxed pace meal, full of stories and interesting customs and facts about Kyrgyzstan .

As everyone sat around on the floor and munched on Candies, breads and traditional Kyrgyz salads, they experienced the feel of community, family, and a a general coming together for a greater good that seems to happen at events like this .. It is something that I always find special when ever we are a part of such a celebration like this... ... all the while , we had the Samavar and Kazan chugging away out side making Ploff that in true Kyrgyz fashion was served at the end of the meal..... when every one was full hahaha...

I don't really know why, but I have always found as we have sat around and shared at dinners like this, No mater how difficult life is at the time , and no mater what stress there may be... for a time , everything dissipated and there is a feeling like everything is going to be OK...

I think that this was achieved this weekend. Everyone had opportunity to make donations towards the Littlejohns adoption expenses, as well as learned about the work of the Altynai Legacy fund.

There is still a long way to go to bring Calab home, but when it was all over and we were back home at night, It was such a blessing for us to hear Melissa ... "It does not seem so scary any more ", I don't think that was a response so much to the finances, but the felling of being a part of a community that comes together to support and stand with you at times like this.

We more then most understand that feeling of support.. It is one that many have given us over the past few years . Take for example this morning I shared a little in their church
, and they put a basket at the back where people could support a project in Kyrgyzstan, I shared with the pastor and one of the board members that I was not really comfortable receiving this blessing at this time because I was there to support the adoptions this trip. I was reminded that I had talked about being prepared to "Stop for the one in front of you " and that they wanted to be a a part of that, and that they were just preparing us to help the next one that we are called to stop for.

We returned home to find an email with a request for help in it. One young girl we know from the University in Kyrgyzstan has had some difficulties. In the last 3 years she has lost her father, her Mother , and her Uncle... she is now alone. and has had to take on many jobs just to survive.. she has fallen behind in her tuition, and now her school work is starting to suffer... she was lost and not knowing what to do so she was encouraged to share her story with us . As I was reading her letter, I had my calculator going, and based on last weeks som to $ conversion rates, her needs to be able to finish school are with in $3 of what was in the basket.........

For this Beautiful young girl in Kyrgyzstan... Life will not seem so scary any more . She may have lost one family, but today she became part of another .

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Pamela Fruechting said...

What a beautiful story of how God perfectly provides through others. Jesus does love the childen, doesn't He?