Monday, December 05, 2011

What Next. We have had a busy fall, a lot of traveling and a lot of sharing , and in the middle of it all we have had the pie challenge. We have been so blessed and overwhelmed with the response, not just of the pie challenge, but the spin off from that . things like a camera for the medical program, heat for the hospital, and financial help for operations... all amazing stuff.
When the calendar page turned to December, many more names where brought to us by organizations we work with , for Christmas in Kyrgyzstan.. I can not describe how great it feels to be able to step up and cover these kids as well... All the while there is another need that has been weighing heavy on our hearts, along with many of you .. There are the Kyrgyz 65... one more year that actofkindness will play Santa to these kids .. I pray that this will be the last. I can remember a time when we would watch for them in the orphanages , and it would bring us such joy to know that they would be home in a few months , but the months have turned to years, and they are still there .

Now when I see them, I can't help but ask, is there more that can be done? I don't believe so..
So many have worked so hard to advocate for them, and now it seems that there has been a break through and they will be coming home soon.

some of the 65 waiting

International adoption is expensive at the best of times, but now that things are moving again, many of the documents need to be redone. It will require another investment of Thousands .
Once again I wish that there was more that we could do. But this time there is something we can do. We checked our schedule , and we have a weekend that we were able to step up.

One of the little boys that we have come to love is Tilek . Long before we had ever known who was waiting to adopt him, or that any one was able to adopt him we fell in love with him. Then last year we had the opportunity to meet his family. We were so blessed to see the future that was in store for him. his family, his home, his extended family.. so many pulling for him... We even were emotional when we saw an ice-cream stand across the fields from his home , and we imagined him riding his bike over to pick up an ice-cream for he and his Dad who would be working in the field... I know it all just seemed so fairy tail for a little boy from an orphanage.. but we have seen the option , we have seen the future for so many of the kids in the orphanage, so this is a fairy tail that I choose to hang on to. If these kids do not come home, we know the years of work that will go into making sure that they are not part of the statistics.. so lets just get them home NOW...

We have also seen and felt the devastation when a child we are trying to help does not make it. Sadly this was the case with baby Altynai.... Extra hard for us because this is the name of our Kyrgyz Daughter.. When Altynai passed away, her mother had every reason to become bitter, but if she did, she sure did not show it. She purposed herself to make Altynai death about something.. Altynai's legacy fund was set up to help families with the overwhelming financial burden of adoptions .

We can not physically attend fund raisers for all the families, but we can stop for the one in front of us.. for our Tilek ... In a few weeks He will be sitting on my knee, and I am not going to look down into his eye's with out knowing I have done everything we can to bring him home. So this Saturday, we will be hosting a fund raiser in the finger lakes district of NY along with Eric and Melissa ,his parents, to raise the funds to Bring Telik home....

Here is how you can help... Please go to on Saturday night between 3:00 and 8:00 pm and make a donation on our behalf to help BRING THEM ALL HOME. Maybe we can't be everywhere this weekend , but with your help, we can . So as we are traveling to help Telics family, please travel yourself over to Altynai's Legacy fund.. help us to help them all.

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Making me cry, John.
God bless you!

Lisa S