Friday, December 09, 2011

Off to NY

Van is just about packed and we are heading for King Ferry NY to spend some time with the a family adopting from Kyrgyzstan. As I shared in the last post, they are adopting one of the kids we have come to love at the baby orphanage . They along with 64 others were caught up in a political mess that has held the kids in limbo for over 3 years now. Despite paying for all the documents once, they must all be re done now that things are opening up again.. This has left many in a very tight situation.. We can't wait to see them all home, so this Saturday we will be having a fund raiser to help with the adoption expenses. You can be a part of that . A friend of ours has set up a fund to assist the parents with these expenses . They are fully licences, and you can get a tax receipt.

You can go to the web site any time to donate, but it would be especially great if you could make a donation Saturday between 3 and 8 .. that's when we will be sharing in NY . the blog address to donate to the paper work is

We had an exciting day yesterday . The money from the pie challenge has started to make its way through the banks, and the first batch made it there yesterday. Olga began distributing the money to the different organizations that will be helping to make this all happen. There are a lot of people involved with a celebration like this .

There was an extra special blessing this year . One of the sponsors sent extra and asked that our workers get a little Christmas bonus this year . So yesterday Olga delivered 16 cards and Christmas letters from the LAMb Canada/US team , along with a bonus ... It was such a time of joy and blessing for them all. It's good that they are all in good spirits now... they have A LOT of work ahead of them ...

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