Thursday, December 01, 2011

Larisa Turns up the heat

We had a great success with the pie challenge, and have been busy with Emma making arrangements for all the parties. I told her that the funds have began the bank transfers, and will make their way to Kyrgyzstan and be in the account in about two weeks. I did have some donations come in locally and early on through LAMb Canada, so I was able to get a bit there early for her to give deposits on places like the restaurants and the movie theaters. Then she drops the bomb...

" What about the disabled kids in Tokmok.." I said "yes of course , they are included" .. I had promised $1000 for a combined Christmas party with our team and the Mayors office.. Larisa has a huge event planed for them.. Then Emma says ,,. "that's Saturday".... NO ... that's only three days away.. less a day with the time change I can't do that .... Larisa thought that I understood that the first week of December is disabled persons day , and that would be a good time to celebrate their special day .. all the invitations are out and everyone is coming .... It was nothing short of a little frenzy here as we struggled to pull it together, and a few hours ago, Emma went to Western Union and picked up the money .
I sent another message to them to remind Larisa that I NEED three weeks notice unless it's an emergency... the reply came back, " OK I understand... In three weeks , we would like to start putting heat in at the Iskra hospital.. they have no heat, and the one tap has started spitting out ice chips now". I vented to Julie ..with the out side of my head voice... SHE DOSN'T GET IT.. does she not realize I don't just have money sitting around... but then Julie Reminded me " SHE DOES GET IT" Her job is to find the needs that no one else will help with .. the needs that will make the greatest impact, and the needs that reach to the center of humanity and bring hope and dignity. Thats her job... thats the position that she is in... and it is not my job to provide the money , its just my job to facilitate the burden that God will give some one to step up to help.

I remember visiting this hospital for the first time about 3 years ago... Once again I am reminded of "IF NOT US THEN WHO" This is three years that I have known about this , and it just has not gone away.. No other organization or group has stepped in to help .

I have thought about this place from time to time since then, but have been busy, always so many needs, waiting until the right time to post the need again. All the while things remain the same .. another winter and another winter, and here we go again, and still nothing has been done about this . I am always so excited when another organization or government comes along, but I think this hospital is just to far off the beaten path.

I think that it is a no brainier ..if it was in a big city , or closer to where there were foreigners and dignitaries that might see it from time to time, but its not.. It is a simple little hospital.. struggling to support those in the villages who don't have the ability to go to the city's for help...

What I find amazing is that they don't seem to have any less patients then any of the city hospitals or clinics that we work with .. they do just as much,... but with almost nothing .

This is a real opportunity for a group or individual to make a great difference this Christmas. Maybe pass the hat at a party, Be the answer.. start to finish, we could have heat in this place for $1000

If you are interested in turning on the heat here, please let me know

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