Thursday, December 29, 2011

Overwhelming Emotions .....

What a day .  Started at 4 am .  I was wide awake, so I made some really good smoked meat and cheese croissants and a deep dish cheese souffle.  The team arrived at 8:00.  After a quick breakfast, we had a little time of debriefing, then off to the office to pick up some of the presents that are all packed and ready to go.

Jengish had to go to Bishkek today to meet with the staff at the rehab centre , so James went with him to check things out there .  They are getting along great.. , but then this is Jengish... Everyone loves Jengish...

   The first orphanage was   the Chui orphanage.  It was great to meat some of our friends from there , but extra special to find a couple kids that we knew from the orphanage in Tokmok before it had to close .  

It was a special time for Sarah as well..  She was able to meat the girls that her family has been sponsoring since the day we found them in the dump so many years ago.    I could not help but think of this photo when  Sarah's mom visited them last fall. , I guess the apple does not fall that far from the tree.

  The movie was a short one because it was a cold day today.  .. maybe it will be warmer tomorrow and we can watch the long movie .....hahaha.   Then off to the restaurant ..  We had a bunch of Bekah's friends from the University as well as Samat.. it was so awesome to see them interact with the kids...

After the first batch of kids , we took the team down to the Baby hospital. . Usually there are about 15 kids there, so we brought them presents as well.  Once we got there we found out that there is something going around, and there were 53 kids there .. fortunately we had some gifts in the van intended for tomorrow.

 The next batch of kids are the ones that do not live in the orphanages, but in the poorer families in the village.   If you look closely you will find our princess from the dump.. she had dreamed of one day having a princess dress..  

So many kids and so many problems and so many needs .  It was overwhelming as Larissa was franticly telling me about all the problems.  It was like she felt that if she could just have us see the child then some how the needs would be met.

Children living in such poverty.. living with poor relatives.  not able to go to school because they had no winter clothes... or the boy she found who had fainted in her front yard trying to get to her for help.  The new born twins who are both in desperate need of physio therapy if they are going to ever walk.  then we found in the crowd another young boy we knew from the orphanage.  he was a friend of Slavics.  

When the orphanage closed, he went to live with his Grand parents... then last month his Grand father died. Now they have nothing to survive on, and Larisa tells us that he now has to work to suport he and his Babushka.  ... He is like 10 years old for crying out loud... what do you do with that..? 

Saturday morning, Isar will go out to the village and pick up 15 of Larisa's most needy , and we will take them shopping for winter cloths. Then Thursday we will bring there families a sack of potatoes and a sack of carrots.   

There are just so many kids... and we have only Just begun...

Tomorrow,  we will be doing this all over again.

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