Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hit the ground running

It was an uneventful trip , just the way we like it. .  We have team members from three different locations, 2 different provinces, and we traveled on three different flights to meat up at JFK., and traveled in 4 different countries charring 600 lbs of vitamins and about 200 gifts...  

We got the special actofkindness "VIP" service at the airport, and cleared customs  as a group , and with out a single bag being opened up.  Just one delayed bag, but it is expected in the morning . 

Our first meeting of the trip was 5 minutes after landing at 5:30 am .  We had a family join us in the airport coffee shop,  and got the pleasure of letting them know that we had a sponsor for their 3 kids tuition. Such a blessing for us and for them  

All the apartments were ready, and warm, beds made and shopping done.  even the internet was on and working .    Everyone is having a nap now, then we will gather up the team and head for the first event.  

A few months ago we learned of a group of people in Tokmok who where working to provide for the homeless  They help them with food and clothes and try to find them housing.  They are a group of nationals doing what they can with what they have.  Trying to make a difference.  This is just the type of thing that appeals to us.  It is the type of thing that we want to incourage and support.   in a couple hours, we will head over to a concert being put on for these homeless.  

The young lady below , we have known since the first day that we came to Kyrgyzstan back in 2005.  she is one of the ones leading the charge in this program.   She does not know it yet, but we came prepared to make an investment in their work.   we will talk to them today to see what our roll will be., and  what potential there is for some of our suporters to partener with them in this incredible work.. Stay tuned , you will be hearing more about this .  


I was just talking to Sergey.. the first 450 presents are ready, and Isar has the first bus of kids arriving tomorrow morning at 10 am ... on that bus will be out young friends  Amir and Tolik.  I will get some photo's up as soon as we can tomorrow ... the plan is dinner , movie and present.  X 2 showings

Larissa is on her way over at 4 to make some planes for the week and to pick up funds to buy track suits, under-where and slippers for the men at the mens home, soo we will have them in time for the party there next week.

At 5 we will be having a special celebration. Since we were here last, out God Son got married.  We will have a special dinner for them, and a chance to meet his new wife, Also we will see Turat and his family as they will be there as well.

Should sleep well tonight ...

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you. Blessings on your busy days. Grammy hugs to all the team. All well here.