Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Calm Port ....

A safe place to come home to... a clam port in the storm..
A safe place ...this is what one of our pastors visions has been for our home church , he reminded us of that Sunday morning as he announced that he would be moving on. It has been 16 years that he has been with our congregation, part of our family.

He is more then my pastor, he is a good friend . We have worked together across the globe.
This photo is from when we first recognized the call to missions in Central Asia, Ron encouraged us , and brought us along on a trip to Uzbekistan.

He has traveled with me when I was on the road selling sundries through Northern Ontario in the middle of the winter, and he was with me when I closed that business to go into missions full time. He was with me in Kyrgyzstan and was the one to tell me that Julie's mom had died. He was on the phone to help me to understand what God might be thinking the first time I went to the mens home, and he stayed on line with us during the revolution, encouraging us to continue to follow Gods lead. Many have heard me say .. "Put your trust in Gods ability to lead, not your ability to follow." That was from Ron, but today that's about Ron.

As we are situating our lives to spend more and more time in Kyrgyzstan or on the road, it is selfish of me to think that the life of the church should remain the same .

It's hard to imagine who will be sent to take his place.. and until they have come and hugged our seniors, played with our orphans, and danced with the guys from the men's home, how will they understand . When I come in and plunk myself down into a chair in Ron's office... there is so much that does not need to be said ... it's that calm port in the storm.

The next few weeks and months will be challenging for Ron and his family as they attempt to untangle themselves from a community they have been such big part of for the last 16 years . I pray that God will not only lead and direct their path, but that he would give them peace and a calm port along the way ....

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