Thursday, October 06, 2011


Not that long ago,  Ruby bought a bag of rice for the babushka's living in her apartment building.  She brought this up at a staff meeting, and said out loud .." I wonder if there is more that would need a bag."  Emma's reply was immediate.."I can think of about 100"  and that began the rice dream... the more Emma thought about it, the bigger her list has grown.. then she re worked the list...  Last week she reported that she had the list down to 150 nd was still working on it... 
   Through the generous support of a sponsor who picked up on this when I first posted, the money was provided for the first 100 bags.  This is too big a job for Emma on her own, but Lynn and Ruby are in town now and were eager to help her ( after all.. this is all Ruby's fault for encouraging her ...hahaha)  Today they began the deliveries... First up was the village where our 53 water babies live. 
   This village is always such a blessing for us to visit. The village is always so warm and friendly to us.  Just stopping for a visit becomes a village holiday with a party in the streets.  They are all very hard working field workers, and life for them is HARD. they try hard to support their families, and this rice will go a long way to help take the edge off... basically what this will do is subsidize the most recent inflation rates... this Rice will give them HOPE, it will give them STRENGTH, and it will remind them that they are SPECIAL.
  The next stop was the dump  ..  I have nothing to say about this .. we all know the significance of this stop...   They had a little time left, so they went out to Luba's family as well as to Maksat and Aibeks... 
  What a day .. and a special shout out to a special family that is making this possible. Words are simply not enough.

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