Monday, October 03, 2011

Blessings Here and There

Oct 1. was seniors day in Kyrgyzstan. Olga was busy making the rounds to many of our senior friends. The rest of the LAMb team had a party at the seniors home as well.. photos's to follow.
It was nice to see that they were able to get to see Geana .. He wanted to say hi to his friends from This side of the pond.

I have to tell you another little story.

When we got back from KG this trip, our Van engine was beyond repair, and we had no money, but the local Garage made us a great deal that we could not pass up.. we traded our old broken van for a much newer running one.. It is actually in Very good shape, and he let us pay for it as we could .. Only $1500. But once Julie went back to work I was left with out a car. so we figured as soon as our income tax return came in we would pay off the rest of the van and buy an old clunker for me. All along, the same garage had this really nice Buick Century.. great shape, low mileage, all leather interior and all the bells and whistles.. but of course it was way out of our price range. So as soon as the income tax back came in we paid off the van and I worked Kijiji until I was able to get a VERY good deal on the Blazer that someone was desperate to sell...
It was a nice car, and I liked it, but it was a truck.. it drove like a truck, it was loud, and the ride was rough .. but it was a great deal... and I was so thankful for Gods provision... I never would have imagined what would happen next. . Friday I got up to a flat tire , so after dropping Bekah at school, I went to get the tire fixed... as I was waiting ,I got talking to the dealer.. I told him about the great deal I got.. he came out and checked it over, then , knowing I liked the Buick, he offered a strait trade..
So today I am driving the car I wanted , and spent less then half of what I would have ...he even threw in a set of snow tires...

I sit in amazement .. today we have 2 of the nicest , newest and lowest mileage cars we have ever had.. for less then half of what we thought we were going to have to spend on one car... just amazed at the way God worked this all out .

Psalm 37:4

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