Tuesday, November 01, 2011


What is she smiling about ? let me tell you her story.

Last spring when we were teaching English at the men's home, a beautiful young girl came in and sat in on the class. She was the daughter of one of the workers there . It was a busy day, a lot on the go, making plans , as well we had other guests there with us. When there was a little break in the "confusion" , she asked if she could speak with me. Larisa, this young girl and her mother, and a translator joined me in another room... " Tell him what you have been praying for" said Larissa... " A computer for my studies " was her answer.. both Larisa and her mother practically climbed down the poor kids throat.. They had something else in mind.
They told her to show me her arm.... her head dropped, and I could tell she was uncomfortable when she showed me her arm was missing . Up until this point, she was so bright and beautiful that I never even notices that she had only one arm.
We assured her that we could do what we could to help her get a new arm. I contacted friends of friends and started the process. It looked like we could get her a new arm for only $250. I had mentioned her story here on the blog at the time.

A family had read the story, and some of the kids decided that they would not spend the summer vacation money they had been saving, but rather they would like to help her with her dream. Right away things were put into motion, and Larisa began the process of having her arm made. Little did we know, but once we started the process, something amazing happened... We had connected to the right people, because it was decided that there would be no charge for the arm.. A blessing that we never would have received if we did not have a couple great kids step out and get us started....

She was so happy, but especially Her mother and Larisa. They can hardly believe the blessing .. after so many years, for this beautiful young girl to get her arm... But that's not what she was grinning about... Remember I told you that when asked what she wanted , she replied " A computer " Well God delights in giving us the desires of our hearts.. and so do our young friends.. Once the arm was covered, it only made seance that they would get her the computer that she had been dreaming about. Last week, Jody and Gabriel had the privilege of giving her the lap top. On the desk top, there is a folder with pictures and letters from her new friends

I , once again, am so touched by the love and generosity shown to our young friend ... I am sure that she is looking at the world from a different perspective ....

And now you know the rest of the story....

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Suzanne Bilyeu said...

Love, love, love that story!