Monday, October 24, 2011

Remember her ?

You are probably asking " AH MAN.. why is he reminding us of this picture again ?" . It's because this is one of the kids that is looking forward to Christmas and the special day that she will experience because of the pie challenge. Not to mention that this year we are working toward bringing her a years supply of vitamins .. a lot better then what she was living on when got her out of the dump a few years ago.

This is a more recent photo of her with her sister when she met her sponsor Judy. I am not sure who was more excited, and who was more blessed.... but what was evident was the incredible power of transformation.

Yesterday we had dinner with a beautiful little girl, another example of transformation.. she is bright , inquisitive, smart, and a real joy to be around. Here she is on Bekah's knee beside our grand son Jonah on Julie's knee .
Jonah is just over a year and a half.. she is 3...

As we sat and listened to her story and enjoyed her company, I could not help but become more determined that we HAVE TO meet our target for the pie challenge this year ... The importance of the vitamin component means the world to so many .

When she was 1 year old, she entered the orphanage in Central Asia.. at 12 lbs one year later when she was adopted she weighed 16 lbs.

You would never know it today, but if someone had not been there for her, she might not be alive today .

Children are so resilient. as we come across evidence of malnutrition like rickets, or kids at 10 years old going gray, it is evident that we need to do something, and knowing that so many of these conditions can be reversed is just so hopeful. There is a lot that goes on... actualy more then I care to think about , that we can not do much about, but it is in our ability to do this .. we can make a difference ..
2000 this year is the beginning .. the funds raised will help set up a the structure to administer the program.. everything from transportation and customs to safe storage and distribution... if we can do this now, we will be putting into effect something that will impact the lives thousands .. for years to come ..

Our little friends mother Brigitte understands the difference nutrition can make , and that is why you will find her name on the side bar as someone willing to take a pie in the face .. why not make a donation now.... If you are not sure who you want to see take a pie... then lets pie Brigitte.

You will also find Judy over on the side bar, she too has been a faithful sponsor for years and is put her face out there for a pie... just another option....

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