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Rice Project Report

"Aika was dreaming that when she had a job and could support herself, she would eat rice every day"
I don't know about you, but when I dream of great success.. I dream of a lot more then being able to ear rice every day ....
This is one of the stories I just came across as I was reading through Emma's rice report .. I thought is was interesting all the variety of people and some of their situations .

Rice Project Report

1. Maksat and Aibek- brothers we met at the orphanage, who are now living with their aunt and uncle, but still need ongoing support.

2. Colia- teenage boy we met at the orphanage and have known since he was little boy who is now living with his grandmother and mother.

3. Vanya and Eelia- brothers we met at the orphanage who are now living with a relative. They weren’t home when the rice was delivered and we haven’t seen them since they left the orphanage. Colia met them in the bazaar recently and got their address. But don’t really know how they’re doing. We left the rice with their neighbour because they weren’t home. will check back .

4. Tolik and Andre- brothers we met at the orphanage who now live at home with their mother and grandmother, father is working in Kazakhstan. Their sister Luba is studying in school in Bishkek to be a teacher.

5. Luba- girl we met in the orphanage and is now being sponsored to go to teachers college. (bag still waiting because she changed her number will try contacting the orphanage director)

6. Slaviks family- a boy we met in the orphanage and then was living with his grandmother. He was most likely sold by his mother as a slave to kazakstan. His uncle drinks, but also works to support many of his relatives that have problems with their eyes and two small boys, they live in very poor conditions.

7. Aigula’s family- Aigula, Aipery, Turat, Beksultan, Aizada, Sabira, Ruslan- Aipery is in sewing school, Turat in Bible college in Ukraine, and the younger 3 are in school, Ruslan is a young boy whose mother left him with Aigula. Aigula is sewing mattresses blankets and other small orders.

8.Anvar- a boy who had a scar repair surgery on his face sponsored. He has a mother and sister, doesn’t go to school because he gets teased, and works to try to support the family.

9. Sabira eje- friend from association quit her job to stay home and take care of her daughter, now depends on her husband’s small salary.

10. Acel’s sister- has health problems, but was sponsored to receive treatment, has some young children, husband is a potato farmer in Narin, so their diet consists of mostly potatos.

11. Jibek- a student from IUCA, the American university in Tokmok who we met at the Kyrgyz youth group, she is studying in the linguistics program, but is taking a leave because she had a baby. Her husband is sick with liver disease, but is still trying to work when he can to support his famly.

12. Aigerim- jibeks younger sister who was living with her because their parents died of TB. She is now living and going to school in Bishkek and living with relatives.

13. A young family recently lost their baby that they were expecting because of the mothers health complications. It was very difficult for them to even affort transportation to the doctors in Bishkek, so Talant was driving them, but before he knew they needed help, they spent a night on the street, because they couldn’t affort to go back and forth.

14. Rahima children - lady we tried to help who has 3 children, ruslan who is living with Aigula, and two other small children, 2 and 5 who she left with an elderly lady and promised send money to take care of them, but hasn’t been heard of since. (bag still waiting because couldn’t find the lady’s house, aigula will try to find and visit them)

15. Adlette eje, Ainura, Gulnur- also have 2 brothers and a baby sister. Friends from church. Ainura was going blind and needed corrective glasses which were sponsored and Gulnur’s graduation dress was also sponsored, family is very poor and father is an alcoholic.

16. Aika- acel’s niece is a first year student at the American university in the linguistics program. Her mom had eye surgery recently and her father also has a small disability because of a car accident, so he can’t do any heavy labour, this has caused difficult times for their family, Aika was dreaming that when she had a job and could support herself, she would eat rice every day, so this was a special blessing for her.

17. Kamala- a student at the American university in the linguistics program. Has had many difficulties which put her behind in her studies, She no longer has a full scholarship from the school, but is persevering and continues to study.

18. souvenir apa- an elderly lady in the association who makes souvenirs and always presents us with some beautiful souvenir when we leave.

19. Aman’s mom- when she was away, her son accidently made a very big phone bill for her because it is expensive to call from a home phone to a cell phone. She is a single mom with occasional work, so she probably is in debt because of that phone bill.

20. Acel’s villager from narin had a tumour operation on her spine and is doing well now, doctors say it was a miracle that she can still walk. has many small children, husband is a taxi driver.

21. Juldiz- Acels knows, has a baby boy

22. humanitarian worker - Bishkek , havingsome financial difficulties, lost his cell phone and couldn’t afford to replace it, so Davina gave him hers.

23. Lady with a big list- lady from the association always has a need, her daughter is in school,

24. Aichurik apa- an elderly lady at the association

25. Aigula- from Tokmok has 3000 som debt.

26. Eshmurat- very poor man from association in Bishkek, Talant bought garlic from him because his garlics were too small to sell at the bazaar.

27.Maktabek- new family at the association that stopped coming because of hard times. Their baby was sick and needed treatment, is doing better, they are now in debt because of it.

28. Azamat’s family- left his family here and went to work somewhere, family is having difficult times.

29. Talant’s friend- has 2 kids no work and big debt

30. Humanitarian aid worker - has 11 children and big debt

31. Samat and Aida- newlyweds who chose acel and talant and john and Julie as their second parents( a Kyrgyz tradition), Samat is a student at the American university.

32. Tilek- a young man from the Kyrgyz youth group who is now working in Bishkek

33. Nurbek- a student at the American university in the linguistics program. Worked for us in the summer teaching English at the mens home and to some of our friends, Aigula’s family and Sergey and Anya’s family

34. Nurbek’s sister- has 4 children

35. Gulzat- a woman from the town , souveneer apa’s daughter

36. kizilgul’s friend- from town , in debt

37. Acel’s nephew

38. Another lady who has stopped coming to town was so thankful because she had been asking her husband to buy a bag a rice for winter

39. Rahat- talant’s older brother’s son, who is now living with talant’s younger brother because his father re married

40. Tolgonia- single mom with 2 teenage daughters in school,

41. Lola’s family- family who came to the north during the unrest in the south and are now staying so their children can stay in school here.

42. Ishar’s neighbour’s daughter has a heart defect and needs surgery

43. The girl at dayspring’s mom

44. Joldosh- our tachka driver from the bazaar, had liver problems and a drinking problem and recently died, rice was given to his wife and son.

45. Chingiz- student at the American university

46. Dastan- and Alina, aigulas neice and nephew who stayed with her during the summer and also when they were younger while the family were going through difficult times. Parents are now divorced and they are living with their mom.

47. karlagatch- Acel’s friend, single mom, does humanitarian work in kazakstan.

48. Eshin- Souveneir apa’s other son

People that laurissa works with

49. three orphan girls one is working, one is going to school and one is disabled.

50. young single mom with 4 girls

51. Very poor family of elderly people

52-58 other poor families that laurissa supports

59-100 People who live or work in the dump, every family who live in the small village of east Iskra( where the water was brought to the village and where the baby who had the cleft palate operation lives)

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