Thursday, October 27, 2011

Renovations continue

We sent Vlady back to the Baby hospital to assess the next project there. The plumbing is now fixed... It has been leaking for years , and there were areas that we could not fix properly because of the continued water damage , as well as there are some repairs needed after the Plumber finished cutting in the new pipes .

There is something special about this work that has just been done. It was done by the City. This is an incredible step... up until now the building was in such bad shape, and there was so little infrastructure money , that they never would have considered such a project... But today , the baby hospital is becoming a " Crown Jewel" for the city ... they are thrilled to have such a hospital ... This is what we strive for .. it is a big step in the process... to get others to start working along with us and taking a responsibility... Eventually taking over the project completely ...
Until that time, It is important that we continue to work with them to keep the excitement and momentum going . Starting Monday, our guys will be back at the hospital . They will be fixing the roof over the entrance to the nursery, as well as cleaning up after the plumbers ..

I thought that it was kind of cool ... Our friends from St Andre in Quebec provided the funding for the very first renovation we did here.... and when the request came in for help for this , they jumped at the opportunity. There is a saying that "Your heart is where your money is ".. We are so blessed that there hearts remain in Kyrgyzstan , and we thank them for their investment in its babies .

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