Saturday, October 03, 2009

This morning I was up and out early. There is a small orphanage that is just around the corner from our apartment. We have not spent much time there, I have only been a couple times. In the spring we bought them shoes, and today I went shopping and bought them boots and winter coats. When I arrived to drop everything off, the kids were so excited to see me. It was kind of strange, I actually felt bad... I knew non of their names, and \i could not honestly say that I remember any of them as I have always been in such a rush when there, yet they all knew and recognised me, and greeted me like I was a returning relative... I really need to take somehow make the time to give them a little more attention... they deserve that... From there I went for lunch with the director of child services from the city. She had come with us shopping and to deliver the boots.... I was very impressed... She has always come across as very business orientated, but as we too the boots out of the box, she looked at the size on the bottom, and called out the kids by name that they were for... I was blessed to see another side.
I spent the afternoon with a group of students from the university here in town, and had an opportunity to encourage them. In a few minutes, I will be heading out to meet our friends Davis and Jayne.. It will be so good to see them again... When I get home, I will try to get a bunch of photo's uploaded from the last few days, so drop back soon .

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