Thursday, October 01, 2009

I am Humbled

Hi everyone, it's Dave from the french connection.
Just letting you know that because of what John and friends are doing over here
Lives are being changed and saved, and hope and dignity restaured.
This is my eighth trip to central Asia and this is the one that I learned the most
You can rest assured that the support that you are sending over hear is being used wisely and very effectively.
If you ever were thinking about going on a trip like this one chose john and P.I.
To quote a very wise man and good friend...John is a machine....A missions machine
If things are happening over here it is because of people like John
That's enough about John he only paid me for 9 lines....LOL

I have some heroes over here and their names are,Sergei,Anya and Acel
What we do here for 2 or 4 weeks they do all year round.... They are Kyrgyz machines

Every time I leave here I leave a piece of my heart, Pretty soon I will have to move here. If ever I do it will be to work with my heroes
They are making a difference here and leaving their mark on everyone that comes in contact with them...Including us north americans
I am looking forward to the colder weather but mostly to being with my family....
Keep on reading the blog because John has alot of things to share and us Quebecois gave him a lot of material to laugh about
Au revoir

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Anonymous said...

Dave, It is good to hear from you, being on a missions trip with John is truly a life changing experience.
They are not vacations by any means.
To get to work with the people there in the orphanges and invalid homes is a humbling experience that everyone in the western world needs to do.

I know that there is not a nickel wasted on anything that is not needed.


Dan :)