Thursday, October 08, 2009

Run Forest Run

I loved the photo before we even took it...
To me it is more then just a kid on a horse... it is Kyrgyzstan..... This young boy is out gathering the cows from the mountains.... what a young Kyrgyz boy should be doing... it's just right ... I have watched the young kids on there horses here... by this age, they become one with the horse... it is like they communicate with the horse with their thoughts.... When I knew what my two runaways were doing, somewhere deep down inside I could hear the voice..."Run Forest Run"... ..My Mom volunteers in the prisons in Canada, and she often tells me that when she finds young native men there, they just do not cope well... that there is something different in their make up... they simple pace the cell like a caged panther in the zoo... for some reason it is just more cruel.... when I see the young Kyrgyz in the orphanages, in many ways I feel the same.... they don't belong here... they belong off in the mountains with their horse..

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