Wednesday, October 14, 2009

great day turned sad

Today started out great , we had 12 students from the university in the capital come to help with the renovations at the Hospital.. they were such a big help, they have put us back on schedule for this project. They even brought toys for the kids at the orphanage... so we made a trip over there for lunch with the kids... we ordered Somsa's and juice.. two local favorites. I offered to help with their travel expenses, but they were very clear that they wanted to do this, and that they were also prepared to cover their own costs... this was amazing... not only a financial blessing, but it confirms again with me that there is so much good in the people here... For many , they just need to have an opportunity to help those around them.
while this was going on, we had our lady from the street to the Hospital for tests, and our concerns were confirmed... so tomorrow she will be admitted to the hospital.... and I would be surprised if she ever came out... Now my thoughts start to turn to my young friend and how he is going to feel when he finds out his mother has died.... I know that there is nothing else we can do, but for some reason my mind always goes to What if I, or only if I ... I know that I did what I could , but still it is hard... you just can not help everyone.. some times you are just to late... I have payed for her continued care, but that will not be long.
I then received a phone call from another friend... He had a young lady in his office.. she is sick with a kidney problem... she can go to Almaty Kazakhstan for treatments for free, but for some reason she can not get in to the country for 6 weeks, so she will need her first treatments here for a cost of almost $800 each... That is big money and big dreams... especially the day before I leave... with the finances back to almost nothing... I have so many projects to have wrapped up and covered financially , including 10 tons of coal being delivered around the valley tomorrow... .Even tomorrow I will be leaving here at 7:30 for a meeting with the Dr's in the capital to bring them 20 shunts and the surgical instruments that they had asked for in the spring... as I think of this, I wonder if they have any pull with the dialysis department.... may be I can pull some strings....
From there I will be picking up a computer then heading back to the Baby hospital for final inspection of this project, present the computer, let them know that the washing machine is on it's way, and the room will be renovated with hot water in the next 2 Weeks... then I will be meting the city government officials for there photo op's... I have been desperately trying to avoid this and had even recruited our friends here to take my place next week, but that's not going to happen.. I don't even have anything to where other then a t shirt... Julie says, just try to be wearing one without stains... Altynai told me it would not hurt if I got a hair cut.... I guess I am just not excited about this... I know we have helped many, and that for years to come, people will benefit from the work that was accomplished over the last few weeks, amazing connections have been made, yet when I find a friends Mom on the side of the road, why can't we save her?
Tonight I had supper with Altynai, helped her understand an essay she had to write for school, then I had to say good bye... This is always so unbelievably hard... This is a land of such uncertainty... I never take for granted the tremendous honor it is to come here, The hurtles every time can be so incredibly difficult to get over... finances , visa's, not to mention scheduling and responsibilities... they all are part of the uncertainty ... But what is more uncertain is what tomorrow holds in store for those I care so much about... I have had a lot of heat to heart Father daughter talks with Altynai over the last couple weeks, she is surrounded on every side by some of the most incredible people I have ever known , all of whom would do anything to help her... , I have regular contact with her through skype, yet tonight I am sad.
Then to top it off, internet is stupid tonight, so..... no Photo for you!


Anonymous said...


Your words paint many pictures, not only of what can be seen by the human eye, but also what is felt by the human heart....your heart.

The rains will return, not only when the soil needs it most, but also when HOPE and Dignity need to be restored.

Have a safe trip home John.



Anonymous said...

What, now you are the "Photo Nazi"? No photo for you!! :)

John, every time I leave those countries it is always with a sense that I may not see them again this side of heaven ... yet I return and that feeling never leaves .. :) be blessed and expect to be back.