Friday, October 09, 2009

Great news

I want to start off with some great news.... Last night I received word that not one but two people wanted to help with the laundry room for the hospital, so I will be talking to Vlady tomorrow, and we will begin right away on the work there... I will get the hot water put in, then on Monday will pick up a washing machine for them.

As we started out today, we came across this chicken that is so ugly that it was trying to ring it's own neck...... We went out to the village ... it was the first time that David and Jayne had seen Arofat since the operation ... everyone was so glad to see them
While in the village, we went over to the invalid home to see how things were going... They have the new benches finished ... they were just drying
and in the kitchen they were busy building cupboards and tiling behind the sink. We have been asked to come back on Tuesday to meet with the director, and have tea in the new dinning room...
From there we popped over to the next village and found our two runaways... the sister asked us if we were there to make them go back to the home... we assured them that was not our job, and that we were there to let the boys know that they were loved, and no mater how all this shakes down we will still be there for them... We told them that they probably will end up back at the orphanage, but if and when that time comes, to call our friends, and if not us, then they would be there with them to help them ...
after a little visit and some reassurances from David, we were off .. but not first without getting shoe and clothing sizes so we could arrange for some new cloths for them tomorrow,,

then it was a heart felt good bye.... and off to the seniors home to check out the new heating system
this is Jengishes babushka that we had found on the streets in the spring.. she is doing well..... even her kitten is doing well... now the kitty visits everyone....... I a have had Altynai's brothers her for a week now... they have been busy painting and cleaning ... tomorrow they will start at the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Firstly - Great post again, thanks for keeping us there

Secondly - what chicken isn't ugly?

Thirdly - great to see you caught up with the prodigal sons, again a hug is sometimes the only warmth we can feel

Fourthly - love the paint brush, but more impressive is that he does not have any paint on him.....amazing specially with the paint they have...yikes.

Wisdom, safety and favour,


Dan :)

David and Jayne Schooler said...

Hey John,

Thanks for the great day...a little behind in reading the posts...

Who is going to tell the chicken he is so ugly. Maybe he knows deep down.

Love you and will MISS YOU!