Monday, October 26, 2009

Being Flexible

One of the projects that we set out to do was to put a new playground at one of the orphanages. Things some times don't go the way you plan them, and when we got to the orphanage, there was a team from Rockford that was putting a playground in... I must say that they did an incredible job... but I had a donation that was specifically for that... so I contacted the donor to discuss the options.. they included more play ground equipment, or finding another location in another village, or the third option, the one I was thrilled to facilitate.This orphanage had no room for the kids that they could sit on a couch and relax.. they have beautiful beds, they have a class room and they had a room with stools around the outside... We spoke with the director, and she emptied out her office and moved into a small un used room, and gave us a place for this new activity / family room for the kids... We then headed for the Capital where we met up with Jengish and his truck, and picked up a wack of furniture, including a new TV set for them. Just have a look at there new room....


Pamela Fruechting said...

It was worth all your hard work...worth every cent...what a great day for the children!!
Vail and Pam

smctiver said...

Great job - what a nice place for the children to gather and relax.

It was very nice meeting you and Julie the other week. My husband just loves the treasures your family brought from Central Asia & each has a special place in our home!