Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Watching the seeds grow

I love getting updates from the garden showing how the seeds we planted are growing.   Those crops like the beets that were planted from seed but not conected to our drip irigation system, we do not weed until around this time of year .. the shade from the weeds actualy helps to cool the soil and retain water for the young plants.  What we wait for is the first good rain in June when the soil gets wet and soft.   then we give the gardens a good weeding, and if it is expected to be dry again then leaving the pulled weeds in the row to keep the ground moist .   


Already we have lettuce and zuccinni ready to harvest and in just another week or so we will be picking beans then will come the tomatoes and peppers.   Already there will be plenty of produce for the farm and our guests and by the end of next week we will be able to start making deliveries to orphanages and families in need.  

I reciently posted about the fathersday scholarship fund.  I wanted to take a minute and highlight one really special young lady. 

It is tricky because I can not share a lot of details about this incredible young girl , but the potential I see in her amazing.  She is activily looking for sponsors, burseries and scholarships for her to continue her education at Moody institute in Chacogo.  Her family works with young moms and troubled families as well as children from the orphaages .  I have been blessed to have her translating for me and for teams when she was as young as 5 or 6.   She has registered to study Clinical Mental Health Counceling .  And what a blessing she will be.   

The tuition that she needs to raise is $7000.  She has put in a request for $3000 from us.  I would so love to be able to not just cover the $3000 but excedingly and abundantly more.  
I am praying for someone out there who would like to personaly help her or maybe you are part of an organization or church that could sponsor some or all of this .     This is another type of seed that we can plant and watch grow not just for the summer months but for years and even generations to come.  

Lord we pray for the seeds.

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