Monday, June 03, 2024

Time to start buying Coal

  Believe it or not, it is time to start preparing for coal for the winter .  Last year we provided  over 300 tons of coal for families in need as well as institutions , seniors homes and rehabilitation centres .   The average family recieved 1 ton , and as needed we delivered another 1/2 ton later in the winter.  The majority of those we deliver to are seniors and families whos care givers are disabled.   As I went home to home last year I heard some of the most heart wrenching stories .  In fact many of them stuck with me over the winter.  I was blessed that I was able to send our friends at the farm back to check in on them through out the winter.

Right now  our barns have no coal left in them .  We have been colecting fir wood that is used to start the fires, and is given with the coal, but we don't have coal .  Now is the time to buy it.  The demand is down , so the price of the caol and the price of the delivery to the farm are both signifigantly down.. If we can purchase coal now we can make a huge difference to those we are tring to help.    This is what our barn need to look like in before delivery season.

Please consider making donation Now so that we can make as great an impact as we can with the resorces we have. 


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