Saturday, June 29, 2024

No one left behind.

Julie and I have been so blessed and encouraged by friendships we have made with a group of young couples.  We came to know them when we were asked to help with some marriage counseling.  This led to several days at the kashar with them .. The group has continued to grow, and they now help and support each other. It is beautiful to see how well that they are all doing.

Next week our friends that work with this group would like to bring them all for a four day trip to lake Isykool.  The cost for each person including meals accomodations and transportation is about $40 a person many of them are able to cover their own expenses and some have even been able to support others , but they still have about 10 people that we are needing to help so that they can be included .. one is a single mom we know well and another is a family with a disabled child .  In total I would like to send them $400 so that no one is left behind .

We are in Santa Rosa Beach for this weekend . We are excited to share tomorrow at New Life Church .   In our schedule we had 2 hours to visit the beach.  But the whole weekend was calling for thunderstorms.. but our God ! Even the seas only him .   It was a gorgeous few hours just when we needed them .. we had a great time.

Tonight we are having a dinner with those that will be coming on a team to KG this September..

I made some Kyrgy food for them .  Here is some of the tasty treats I have been preparing to go with the bishbalmak.


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