Thursday, June 27, 2024

Uncle Gena needs our help.

Over the last year we have had a man helping us with the food, coal and seed deliveries .  The kids call him Uncle Gena .  I can assure you that he has had a very sorted past, but now spends his days caring for those in need in the village. He knows everyone and he knows when they are in trouble.   everywhere he goes he carries a crinkly old paper covered in scribbles and a short stubby pencil where he keeps track of all those he cares for. 

We had not seen him out for a bit so we went to find him.  He is in a bad way and needs help.  He sold his sheep to get treatments on his leg that he has lost blood circulation in, but that is not working .  Next up is a specialty hospital in Bishkek where they will see if they can replace some veins or if they will amputate.  The cost this next round of operations will be about $900, but he has nothing left to sell.  He says that if we can not find help, he is ok with that , he says he is "Ready to be promoted".   
There is so much more for him to do , I don't think the rest of his community is ready for that promotion, but the folks he helps are so poor, they have nothing to offer except their prayers.   
If you would like to help be an answer to those prayers, please use one of the donation buttons on the top right side of the blog.  

Today some of the boys were back into the mountain to help repair the village water supply.    There is a spot where the pipe crosses a river bed and it keeps rupturing there .. So today the guys welded up at 60 foot piece of steel pipe to go across the river , then put the water pipe through it .  

Those not at the mountain stayed back and worked around the farm.  They brought in hay, and also bricked up the side walls for the new outhouse we are building.  Certainly lots of work going on.


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