Friday, June 07, 2024


This weekend the boys are taking a little break from the work at the farm, and have headed up to the camp.  Their goal this weekend is to dig two out houses and bury a water pipe about 1/2 a mile through the mountain.  

It is a lot of work through the rock, but it will be nice to have running water.  who knows, we may end up going there to get water for the rest of the farm.

before they left last night they got the first coat of paint on the kitchen .

The sink has been installed in the counter . 

We had some difficult news this morning from Vera and Oleg.  They had an accident this morning on their way to the orphanage.  They are ok but their car not so much.

I was able to reach Sergey when he came out of the mountain.  He has contacted them and on Monday he will bring them our car and take theirs back to the shop to see if there is anything we can do .

1. They are not hurt,   2. Sergey is there and can help them, and   3. We have a car there that we can lend them.... OK so thats THREE GOOD THINGS.  

   Praying for peace for them at this difficult time . 


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