Monday, March 28, 2022

Two more sleeps

Already we are experiencing the effects of food shortages and crazy inflation, on top of the devaluation of the currency.  The strongest currency these days seems to be compassion.  

I just love seeing all the people that  have received seeds this year so that they can plant gardens to be able to bless and show compassion  to those around them.   It will take work, but they know that it will be worth it when they have produce to give.  

We are so blessed that the funds came in and the seeds arrive just days before the down turn started.  It was not just the seeds and food hampers that were ready, but also three shipments of vitamins have arrived and we have been able to get those distributed.   

The boys are doing a great job over at Ravils new apartment .  learning some new trades . 

With the prices of everything going up so fast , Kamalla did a bit of shopping for the Breakfast club to last them for a month or two so that we will be able to continue with their weekly meals .  

Three of our four bags are repacked and enough stuff to pack two more bags just needs to be paired down to fit into the final bag.  Just two more sleeps .  


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