Saturday, March 12, 2022

Bring Happy to another Village

I was humbled and brought to tears today .  I shared in the last post that had we known what was in store with the  war and economic collapse, We might not have moved in such a big way with the vitamins and the seeds , but would have been more careful to save some funds ... Thats why its a good thing that I did not know .  I probably would have messed up Gods plans.   When I see the photos coming in of those who are being blessed by these donations, and hearing some of their stories , I am overwhelmed .. I think the biggest part is that many of these families I know , in fact I have had meals in many of their homes and fellowshipped with them .  I received totals  from our key workers and then worked with Vlad to organize this .  I am totally hands off when it comes to who has the greatest need .. I am thrilled so see friends receiving this help, and at the same time I am saddened that the world is in a place that they need help in the first place.   But Today they smile and today they know that they are remembered . 

Here is what Tanya writes 

"Hello John and Julie and thank you so much for the seeds and potatoes from all people. Everyone is glad that all the necessary seeds were in the package and do not need to buy in difficult times now , they said thank you for taking care of every family and do not forget ........
 I said when they plant and there will be a harvest I will come take a photo.. I bought plastic bags, asked a guy to help me split the potatoes and paid him a little. My back hurts for three days, it's hard for me to do everything... but thank God he agreed to help me all... A woman said that in her retirement she 
could not buy herself seeds so much and all in time .. ... I was happy that from you, me , and your friends,  we can do this help to bring simple dreams in each family .. Thank our God ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’❣️...."


 Tomorrow I will be trip again and  bring happy to another village
 Thank you

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