Thursday, March 10, 2022


 I have shared a message about praying for the seeds.  That when we pray for the seeds, it does not mater the conditions, rain, sun warm cold, It does not mater, they will grow.  But over the last few weeks , Praying for the seeds has meant something significantly different for us .  First we were praying for the resources so we could even purchase the seeds, but at the eleventh hour the funds came in .  We then purchased the seeds and the order was placed ... wouldn't you know it, this was just days before the war in Ukraine and the sanctions put into place .  The seeds were to arrive last week , but were a no show.  But we held on to THE ODDS ARE GODS and PRAY FOR THE SEEDS... Today the seeds have arrived and are already in to the hands of thlse we work with so that they can be distributed . 


While several of the boys are out on seed deliveries , the rest are working on packing food hampers to be delivered in the next round. 

I am fairly sure that if I had known what was lying ahead .. with the crash of the economy , we would have not started so many large endeavours at once .. A huge Vitamin order out for deliveries, $3100 worth of seeds and $3100 worth of groceries, food hampers to Tanya's families in need , and renovations for the men's home .  
That said, I am blessed that I did not know .. because this is the right thing to do.   Including the purchase of extra food for the days ahead, and the transfer of funds while the banks are working ..  From this end there is not much left we can do now .. the accounts on this side of the ocean  are drained and it is in Gods hands now .. THE ODDS ARE GODS ..  Lord we lift up all these seeds that we have planted and ask that you would take them and multiply them .

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