Friday, March 11, 2022

Making good decisions

They have begun in Bishkek , giving out the vitamins to some of the families who had been waiting . 

Some of those are in the breakfast club.  Once a week Kamala and Acel host a breakfast party for some of the kids we have been helping in Bishkek.  They get a really good meal, and some groceries to make it through the week . and we top up their cell phones . It gives them some adult contact, and they know that they are part of something .  Today we were also able to give them some vitamins as well. 

Back out in the village, Vera and Oleg were kept busy shopping and packing 50 food hampers that will go out with the seeds this week .  Its easy if you say it fast, but it is a tremendous amount of work , and we are so thankful for our team that is happy to do it . 

Back in Canada , our home is getting quiet as we are preparing once again to head back to Kyrgyzstan , praying that the 5th time is the ticket .. THE ODDS ARE GODS,  

We sent the chickens off to their new home with a friend.  It did not take Roy-Elda long before she wormed her way back into the house. 

Next I brought my mom up to my brothers in Nipigon .. Spring is beginning hear, but winter if in full force there . 

We have been at this stage of our travels 5 times in the last 2 years then the world turns .. Now watching and following the news by the hour , with the war, and the economic fall out we are apprehensively moving forward.  We have some decisions ahead of us .. If we are able to go , we may set aside some building plans we had at the farm, the funds are getting low, and the funds we had set aside for building may be wiser spent on continued humanitarian aid.  
I will close today with a special Thank you to all of you who have helped over the years ....  from Turat in Warsaw.

Thank you very much for your help, I am sincerely
grateful to you for what you do for people, thanks to you people's lives are changing, thank God for sending you our lives when we were in an orphanage, may the Lord bless you and your family and peace be in your country,  it is very difficult to make a decision when you are alone, especially then bear responsibility for this, pray that I can make a good decision, thank you for being there amen.

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