Tuesday, March 29, 2022

One more sleep

Last will , last supper and last boil of sap .  Today we are getting all the last minute things taken care of.  We were blessed with a beautiful roast given to us by our neighbour,  the Heritage Farms Farm store . It was fantastic and we were happy to be able share it with some family before we go.   We finally got our wills finished and taken care of.  Today I also brought in the last of the sap before we go and pulled the spigots from the trees . It has not been great weather so the sap has been slow, and I think we are leaving before it really gets going, but I did get a few bottles to bring with us . 

Winter was supposed to be gone in Kyrgyzstan but it is still holding on.  I have left instructions to get that mess cleared up before we get there .

A couple days ago I showed some pictures of some logs that the boys had collected up.  They decided that it would be better to have them cut into planks .  They will be great to sell when they dry... if we have not used them ourselves first. 

Either way , this has been one more skill for the boys to learn. 

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