Thursday, March 17, 2022

Celebrating Kamala's birthday

We celebrated Kamala's birthday today ,, congratulations dear Kamala.   She has been busy shopping , packing and preparing the food hampers that will be delivered with the next batch of seeds in the Bishkek area. 

They have also been busy getting vitamins into the hands of those who need them . This day it was children's vitamins  
We are thankful for the many people that have come forward willing to plant gardens to be able to bless those around them. This year more then any in recent memory, things are going to be very difficult. There are already massive food shortages , and these gardens will make a difference .  

if this is one days harvest from our gardens , just imagine the impact we will have with 50 times the harvest .. pray for the seeds !

Back out at the farm, they are pouring the entrance way into the Banya (steam bath) over at the green houses . 

 photo credit Nuric 

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