Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Blessed to be a Blessing

We are so blessed that we were able to get the seeds project under way before the economic troubles,  inflation and food shortages took hold.  

We are also so grateful for the 250 people that stepped forward wanting to plant gardens with us to be able to bless those around them, Like us , they are learning what it is to be Blessed to be a blessing.  The $10 packages of seeds is now worth about  $20 and the $10 package of food they are receiving would have cost $30 if it was purchased this week rather then last . 

"Hallo John. How are you .. Today, a grandmother from the church asked me to help take her to the bazaar to buy her groceries and clean her house because she had a heart attack.. We went to the bazaar. All the products went up in price. All the people are in a panic. Today there is no sugar anywhere in the bazaar. Because Russia does not supply us with sugar in Kyrgyzstan now.
the last of the sugar sold for 105 som .. 10 times regular price. " 

 It really is amazing that we receive this news and the next day we are able to continue to hand out food packages with the seeds .   I know that the Odds are Gods .. and I am hanging on to that , because with out that assurance, a person could get pretty concerned about what the next few months will be like before the gardens start to produce.   
As funds come in and  we are able to get them on the ground, we will continue to try our best to assist those in need .  

The price of hay did come down a little bit so we were able to buy a few more bales to carry us over until spring . 

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