Tuesday, October 11, 2016

More then you could Ask or imagin.

When times are difficult and things do not go as you would like them to, HOPE is able to pull you forward,  Hope is able to pull you through it, and Hope will find you rejoicing on the other side. 

It was just over six months ago that I arrived at the home of Nadia.  Her house had just burned and she lost her only son.  At 78 years old she was once again a homeless orphan.  Nadia was now living in a little outbuilding with no heat, and not even been able to have a bath since the fire.  The talk was if we could just simply take away this burned out dabree because it was painful and depressing for her to look at the mess. 

With about $50 in my pocket,  I turned to her with a smile on my face and said "Don't worry we can fix this "  In hind sight I would question where that statement would come from.  I think any sane person would look at that mess and say that it was a right off .. but I just kept telling myself we could do this .. Jengish and I carefully walked through and counted.. new roof $800, about 8 new beams $250 , New windows and doors .. $600 and so on .. a quick estimate was $2500 US we could have her back in .  That night I shared this need on the blog, and the burden was picked up by our friends from the Light House in Espanola .. a place that knows something about what HOPE can do.  The next day I had the commitment from them to raise the funds .  We went back again with our contractor.  I think any one else would have told me I was crazy but Kodor is an incredible contractor and confirmed what Jengish and I hoped.  

The next day we brought the kids from the farm in to put up a temporary roof and start cleaning out the garbage and ashes.  

Today, this is not the house that I could have even imagined .. new roof, walls , floors, windows, electrical  and porch.  

We have even picked out some new furniture that will be custom made and be ready at the end of the week, the kitchen cupboards are in and the locks are on the doors .  

We will do one more clean up day with the boys this weekend, as soon as the truck is repaired (another story ) then will move her in . 

Nadia is a different person now then the lady we found a few months ago .HOPE will do that to you.   She has a new home and a new outlook on life .. OH and the budget ?  we are actually about $75 under budget on this one .. I am sure we will find something special to do with that.   Exceedingly and abundantly more then Nadia could have ever asked or imagined..again   HOPE will do that to you! 

 So as all my family and friends back in Canada celebrate Thanks giving this weekend , I ask "What am I thankful for ? "

I am thankful for HOPE , and all that comes from it .. I am thankful for exceedingly and abundantly more then we could ask or imagine .. not just in the produce and abundance on the farm, but the abundance of the hearts of all of you who make this all possible ..

Together we can make a difference.  I HOPE !

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