Saturday, October 08, 2016

All cleaned up and ready for the next guests.

Julie and I are out at the farm for a few days while Aigula is having a much deserved holiday .  We have treated her and her sister to a weekend at the hot springs where she can enjoy the lovely fall weather and go for nice long walks. 

Nick is home on weekends and works during the day, and tonight he is helping with homework .. 

At the fire house, we are starting work on the balcony.  I brought the old windows we took out  to the farm, and the boys are cleaning and painting them. they will be perfect for the balcony. 

Olga came and picked up more prenatal vitamins that she will be connecting with women who need them at the center 

The team is gone now, so we have been getting cleaned up and ready for the next guests at the guest house .  Marat cleaned up the tool shop today , or as the biys call it " The toy room" 

we did some more work on the gift shop / craft room.  Shelves are up, the baseboard is on and a small table for heating the lard is set up. Just need to put trim around the new windows.

The table turned out great , and the sink is in. 

Julie and the girls worked on the guest house today .. finished all the laundry and made the beds and washed the floors .  

 I love the new light that Miles restored and put up in the living room . 

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