Saturday, October 15, 2016

Here is my challenge to you today...

Well we are pretty much done done at Nadia's house .  The work crew has moved on to the Bacute orphanage were they are finishing a building there for storage, laundry and general extra space for the day to day operations of the orphanage.  They will continue to stay at Nadia's house while working in the area, and will be able to finish a few little jobs in the evenings, but basically we are done. 

There is still so much more that is needed here, but Nadia is in and warm for the winter.  The worst part of this restoration is done, and we are pleased to see donations starting to come in from Kyrgyz citizens that want to help.  I think that most people WANT to help, but it is easy to be overwhelmed and think that the problem is too big , so we just don't even start.  Something that has always stuck with me is a friend once said.

"If you start by doing what you can do, then before you know it you will have done what others said can not be done."

 Today we can see that play out here.  When we arrived at the fire site back in March, I had $50 in my pocket .. and we started .. a few weeks later that was $200 and we were able to clean up a bit and get the house protected from the spring showers.. 

Some times just starting is enough to encourage others to do the same .. because as another friend says We > I .  

I have wondered what it is that  holds us back .. if it fear, our is it some form of depression or a defeatist attitude that says we can not make a difference ? or is it apathy.  I really don't know .. but here is my challenge to you today ... 

 What ever it is that may be holding you back from what is you know deep down you want to or should be doing .. take the plunge,   just start ,  and before you know it, incredible things may just happen. 

and the greatest transformation of all 

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