Monday, October 17, 2016

A friend is coming to town .

My morning commute to the farm has just gotten a whole lot brighter. but no this is not the friend I am referring to . 

The last few days we have had some guests at the farm .  They have been experiencing life on the farm , joining in the daily chores , this morning they learned to milk the cows.  They had such a great time , and they have certainly left a piece of their hearts "On the Farm" .. Today they said their good buys and have headed on their way . 

The roof is on the green house utility shed now.   They are still plugging away. 

We are excited that Joe is on his way back to Kyrgyzstan.  We will be leaving from Montreal later today and will arrive here on Wednesday morning.  

Joe was last in Kyrgyzstan about 4 years ago.  Like our current guests, he too left part of his heart here, and a couple weeks ago, he contacted us to tell us that he NEEDS to come back .. Joe is such an awesome young man and we are over joyed that he will be staying with us for the rest of our stay.    

Joe visiting the village after we brought running water to the village .

Joe and Bekah hamming it up .
In the mountains right behind the farm. 

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