Saturday, October 29, 2016


There once was a rooster 
who had no name
who's colorful plums 
were his claim to fame 
though his beauty surpassed 
the rest of the flock
he was taken to market 
with other live stock.

One day at this market
a fellow named John 
was looking around 
for a cow to bid on 
and as he was looking 
he spotted this bird 
with the beautiful plumage
not the cow he preferred. 

Well John bought the roster 
as well as the cow
now they each have a name
both rooster and cow.

Now the cow is an Angus
so his name is Angus Kahn
but the roosters name comes from the Bible - like John 
Cephas is nice but 
Theres one even sweeter 
and that is why I am thinking 
that John calls him Peter. 
                       Charlie Guy 10/25/16

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