Saturday, August 06, 2016

Join me for a little photo tour of the farm today !

peppers and sweet  corn delivered to one of the orphanages  ..most people eat what we would use as animal corn . the sweet corn is new there .. imagine having sweet for for the first time . 

the addition on the barn is almost done .. this will be a great summer stall for the cows as well as storage for another 1000 bails of hay 

they have just planted the next crop of cucumbers , these ones will be ready just as the first field is coming to an end 
what a good looking barn
another week and we will be in full swing with the tomatoes .. looking like another bumper crop on the way  

the hurbs are doing great as well .. will be great for tea and goats milk soap.. they will also be a nice addition to the food hampers that we put together .
More corn , I doubt that they will be able to keep up with the corn, but it is very good for the animals as well so we did not plant any cattle corn this year .. they can have what is missed in the picking 
Emma thought it would be nice to have a row of flowers to be able to give flowers with the hampers as well as to brighten up things around the guest house .. our one thin row has sort of gotten away on us .. This is Calendula , it has anti inflammatory healing properties when in the goats milk soap .
the walk way has been re leveled and the edges have been poured 
this is one of the Tamarack trees that we planted .. one of 1500 evergreens .. 
we will be making apple sauce soon .. Aigula makes the best 
we planted some purple cabbages this year to mix it up a bit 
good healthy corn 
this is the spearmint 
beautiful herbs 
Master gardener Nick is checking out the apple trees in the orchard 
lots of Egg plant again this year 
the pumpkins are starting to take shape 
Peppers are all weeded 
the basil is drying 
Just a little taste of some of the abundance at the farm again this summer .  Once again we want to thank everyone that has made it possible for us to operate the farm.  I keep coming back to the point that the greatest thing about the farm is not all the food we are able to donate to those in need, but it is the HOME and HOPE  that the farm is to so many kids , not just the ones out of the orphanages now, but the kids that will be on their own soon, but know that they have a future .  Thank you for believing with us 

I will leave you with this picture of Aigula and Marat cutting up the green beans 

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